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North London soulstress Mega loved singing from a very early age, but was hindered for years by insecurity and vulnerability when she sang alone. Those around her knew it was where she thrived, and after joining a choir she grasped the passion she had within her and gained the confidence to step into the limelight. Within a month of finishing studies and beginning her musical journey, she was sidelined by devastating vocal problems, which made her realise how much she not only valued, but truly needed singing in her life, and at that moment she vowed that if her voice came back, she would only show her stripped-back, vulnerable self that she was once so afraid of.

A few years on, having recovered, Mega returns to throw her hat in the ring and demonstrate the talent she has waited so long to unleash. A powerful soul songstress who animates her listeners, Mega draws influence from singers such as Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan, Etta James, Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston, deeply inspired by the honesty they convey through their work, and she prays and hopes that when she sings she can bring others the intense joy that singing brings to herself.