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When you hear that an Owl, a Fox and a Cat walked into a room together, you’d probably think its the start of a bad joke; but in the case of DJ/Producer trio MDNT, this is where their musical journey began. Brought together through a shared love for all things nocturnal; MDNT make music for the star-gazers, the party-goers, the insomniacs, the skateboarders, the gamers and everyone in between, collectively known as The Creatures of the Night.

“When the 9 to 5 are going to sleep, we are just waking up.”

Heavily influenced by pop culture, hip hop and fashion, MDNT set out to create timeless, tongue-in-cheek anthems that resonate with the youth of today.

Their introductory offering, Kanye Loves Kanye aims to promote self empowerment, self love and love for others and is an ode to one of their favourite artists Kanye West, who they believe epitomises self honesty, self worth and self belief.