Arnold Music Publishing

From: UK

At 21, Sabella is one of the most individual and uncompromising new voices in pop. Her glittering R&B EP Home Truths drew praise from Pitchfork and Pigeons and Planes in 2016, with its wide-eyed tales of being young, stubborn, and in love. But, she insists, “pop is where my heart is.” Her new material is bold and disco-infused, but retains the poetic flair that made her earlier songs so tantalising.

Lyrics are crucial to Sabella. “I never want to budge on what I’m trying to say to fit a melody,” she admits. “I’ve always written things in some capacity…diary entries and poems. I find it very cathartic to write.” That literary influence is plain to hear on her new single ‘Fortress,’ a glimmering dance-pop tune that shows a more confident side of Sabella than ever before (and her first for HOT HOT RECORDS, via Polydor).